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Cataracts Are the Leading Cause of Vision Loss in America.
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Providing Comprehensive Cataract Exams in Fullerton

The majority of Americans develop some level of cataracts in their lifetime. For most, cataracts came part in parcel with age. For others, external factors or associated diseases have accelerated the process.

A common perception is that with cataracts comes resignation and acceptance for dulled vision and muted colors. Today, this is no longer the case: if your cataracts are impacting your life and inhibiting your ability to live and work, cataract removal surgery may be an an option.

A Safe & Effective Treatment

A comprehensive eye exam is required to determine your surgical candidacy. Please request an appointment to meet with one of our Optometrists.

Diagnosing & Managing Cataracts

The early stages of cataract development do not require removal via surgery. These early stages can often be addressed appropriately with corrective lenses and other non-surgical treatments.

During your exam we will determine the level of treatment appropriate for your cataracts.

Before providing a surgical referral, we need to closely examine your eyes to determine their overall well being. Not all people are surgical candidates, though most are.

The entire procedure takes approximately 90 minutes, with the surgery itself lasting for 15 to 20 minutes (assuming no complications arise).

Prior to surgery, your eyes are prepped and dilated using specialized eye drops. A local anesthetic is used to numb your eye and surrounding tissues- this simplifies the procedure somewhat and ensures your comfort.

A high-frequency ultrasound is used to break up the cataract/lens, where it is then removed via suction. Once removed, an intraocular lens (IOL) is positioned in place of the old lens. The incisions made during the surgery are sealed and then a shield (eye patch) is provided to protect the eye.

There are many options of IOL’s available today. We will consult with you to help you determine which lens is the appropriate choice for your needs and lifestyle.

While one shouldn’t be keen to “jump under the knife” without reservation, you can be assured that cataract removal surgery is one of the safest performed in the United States today.

When the surgery is complete you will need to arrange transportation home as you will not yet be able to drive.

Most people will experience a significant improvement in vision within one to two days of surgery. The day after surgery we will see you here for a post-operative exam to assess your vision and ensure everything is well.

Side effects from surgery are fairly mild, with post-operative recovery taking a few weeks.

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