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Low Vision

Adapting to Life With Low Vision Can Be a Challenge. We’re Here to Help.

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Providing Fullerton Comprehensive Low Vision Services.

For millions of Americans living with low vision, the change from strong visual acuity to low vision came with considerable challenge and difficulty. There’s no denying the difficulty someone faces when learning to live with reduced vision.

At Allred Family Eye Care, our focus is on helping you bridge the gap and make that transition while remaining independent and enjoying a good quality of life. We work with you to develop a strong support and adaptation mechanism, where visual aids and other complimentary pieces of equipment are used to facilitate a life with low vision.

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Dr. Alves has received specialized training in ocular diseases and low vision rehabilitation. Working together, you and Dr. Alves will create a new routine that will foster your independence and improve your overall quality of life.

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How We Help You Manage Low Vision

An eye exam is initially performed to inform us of your eye health and visual ability. This exam acts as a baseline and is used to guide your ongoing treatment.

We remain current of changes in the industry and when new innovations are available for our patients. We incorporate many visual aids into our recommendations; visual aids can increase the size of text, make reading easier by reducing glare and improving lighting, and make it possible to watch TV enjoyably.

There are a variety of visual aids available. Our experience suggests that some are better suited for specific people and activities than others; during our consultations we will provide recommendations based on your needs and lifestyle.

We provide visual aids that can assist with everyday tasks, such as reading a magazine or watching a movie. By using specialized equipment that provides appropriate magnification and lighting, you can continue to enjoy many of the activities that you do today.

If your low vision is caused by an eye disease, such as macular degeneration or cataracts, we will work closely with you to manage the disease and ensure you enjoy maximum visual acuity.

About Low Vision

When corrective lenses or refractive surgery cannot provide clear vision, you are considered to have “low vision”. For people living with low vision, they require an adaptation to adjust to their “new normal”; often, this adaptation necessitates the incorporation of magnifying lenses/tools and other visual enhancement products designed to facilitate clear vision.

Low vision can be caused by degenerative eye diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. As these diseases erode visual acuity, the patient must adapt to decreasing levels of visual capability.

Eye injuries and other disorders can also cause low vision. While most people living with low vision are age 65 or older, injuries and illnesses can also impact those much younger.

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