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Vision Therapy Has Helped Millions of People Perform & See Better. Let Us Help You.

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Providing Fullerton Individualized Vision Therapy

Children and adults alike can benefit from the rehabilitative processes inherent within vision therapy. As a non-surgical method of eye alignment and teaming correction, vision therapy can provide tremendous improvements in visual acuity, strength, eye teaming, and eye alignment.

For athletes, vision therapy can improve hand/eye coordination, decrease reaction times, and enhance visual processing. We work with many athletes to help them achieve their best.

Vision therapy involves the use of specialized equipment, exercises, and one on one coaching with our Optometrist. Sessions are generally performed weekly or biweekly, with homework and at-home exercies being assigned to compliment the in-office sessions.

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If you or your child can benefit from vision therapy, please request an appointment to schedule a consultation. During the consultation we will assess your needs and provide more information about how vision therapy can help you.

How Vision Therapy Helps

If you or your child has an eye alignment problem, such as strabismus, vision therapy can correct the alignment and improve visual acuity in the affected eye.

This process involves eye patching and strengthening exercises. Kids with eye alignment problems that undergo vision therapy early enough are more likely to enjoy normal vision as they mature.

Vision therapy corrects eye teaming issues through specialized exercises and some patching. The process involves teaching the mind to utilize both eyes equally while also working on focusing muscle control.

Many sports require lighting fast reflexes and reaction times. From baseball to bobsledding, nearly every athlete will benefit from improving their hand/eye coordination, object/color differentiation, and visual acuity.

Vision therapy can improve your reflexes and help you become a more competitive athlete.

Vision Therapy for Kids

Vision therapy helps children perform better socially and academically, building confidence and giving kids the ability to trust and enjoy their vision.

Certain eye alignment issues that require surgery, such as strabismic, can benefit from vision therapy as a rehabilitative process. In many cases, vision therapy on its own can resolve the alignment concern and negate the need for surgery entirely.

When we meet with you and your child, we will assess the condition and likely outcomes. We will set realistic expectations and next steps, so that we all know what to expect.

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