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A quality pair of sunglasses will be made of durable materials, using construction methods that ensure a long life, and fitted with lenses that block glare and 100% of UV light. UV light can damage our eyes and is linked to numerous eye diseases, including cataracts and macular degeneration.

Why UV Blocking is Important

UV light, which is close to the blue/purple end of the spectrum (but is invisible to the human eye), damages cells and can even cause cancer. The Sun is the biggest source of UV light on Earth; wearing a pair of sunglasses that are 100% UV blocking will keep your eyes healthy and UV-free.

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Adin Thomas
Trendy designs with sleek and sophisticated features are hallmarks of Adin Thomas. Offerings in both men's and women's stylings come with rich colour options. Built with exceptional quality and materials, these frames provide a dynamic eyewear experience for the savvy customer.
No other brand of eyewear takes the environment as seriously as Awear. Their eco-friendly frames are made with sustainable materials and are 100% recyclable. Fun and colourful styles matched with ergonomically designed frames give the wearer a vibrant lifestyle choice while appealing to those who want to make the world a better place.
bebe is the go-to destination for chic, contemporary fashion. The brand evokes a mindset - an attitude, not an age. It's a true original, always defining fashion's next stride forward. Designed for the confident, sexy, modern woman, bebe is a global label that embodies a sensual, sophisticated lifestyle.
Building off its success as one of the hottest denim brands in the junior market Bongo appeals to young women with a keen sense of style. Free-spirited and independent, the Bongo lifestyle offers a “young Hollywood” take on eyewear design with funky frames and colours that stand out from the ordinary.
Brooks Brothers
Sleek, slender, All-American are terms that come to mind when looking at signature Brooks Brothers offerings. This iconic styling encapsulates quality and innovative designed frames for a particular buyer with refined taste. Lightweight materials and thin shapes provide an exceptional frame with the history only one of fashion's greatest brands has.
Cole Haan
Cole Haan combines elegance and innovation to create a signature line of eyewear for both men and women. These affordable frames provide their wearer with a confidence boost gleaned from their distinct style and sense of purpose.
Cote D’Azur
For the modern and sophisticated woman, Cote D’Azur eyewear offers ample selection in both style, color, and shape. From classic cool to crazily-chic, a Cote D’Azur frame is sure to help set your own personal style.
A designer brand that has always stayed ahead of the trend, has reinvented archived style with mixed-material sunglasses and a range of shapes and colors. Diesel speaks to the individual, spurning self-expression with their bold eyewear collection.
Contemporary styling paired with affordable frames mark this unique eyewear brand. Available in men’s, women’s and unisex offerings, wearers can feel the quality and attention to detail that go into every pair. Material choices are second to none and surprisingly lightweight when compared to other brands.
GUESS was established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who left the south of France in pursuit of the American dream. Inspired by a European influence, the Marciano’s put their innovative touch on the apparel industry, redefining denim and eye wear. Guess and their large array of sunglasses symbolize a young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle.
Invu Sun
Don’t be fooled by other brands,  Invu can bring the style and build quality that only Swiss Eyewear Group can offer. Performance and state-of-the-art designed frames give the wearer an experience that is not only unique but exceptional.
Jhane Barnes
Known for incorporating detailed designs into her fashion,Jhane Barnes offers her take on what eyewear should look and feel like. Built by and for Kenmark, Jhane Barnes frames put the wearers best face out front.
The iconic fashion designer Joseph Abboud offers his take on the modern, youthful eyewear line showcasing his classic American style with frames targeted to men aged 25-34. Joe combines the perfect mix of style and quality using cutting edge materials with a sporty but masculine look that is unmatched by other brands.
John Varvatos
John Varvatos pulls his creative inspiration from the fashion of rock and roll musicians. His eyeglasses exude masculinity with a modern appeal, featuring subtle detailing and subdued colors.
Kenneth Cole
Kenneth Cole New York is day-to-night, wear-to-work fashion for modern men and women. Confident and smart, clever and witty, cool and sexy. Its edge can come from an attitude, a detail, a look, or a thought that’s refreshing and unexpected.
Fun, sporty, youthful designs that defy what's normal for eyewear. Geared towards those teenagers that want to make their mark while still providing a quality lightweight pair. Trendy shapes and vibrant colors promise a fresh attitude for those age 8-15.
Lily Pultizer
Eyewear that combines fresh color schemes with modern contemporary designs. Priced to match their quality and durability, Lilly Pultizer eyewear draws from the famous socialites brand, giving wearers a vibrant frame that will leave others talking.
Line Art
New heights in quality and materials were reached when Charmant researched to build the best, most lightweight frames around. Elegant designs tenderly but securely fit to each wearer's face, providing a comfortable experience.
Marc by Marc Jacobs
After 30 years Marc Jacobs continues to unabashedly shape the boundaries of American fashion. The indefinable characteristics of his namesake label are the result of a certain unique, uncommonly frank and brilliantly outspoken perspective.
MARCIANO, the premium brand extension from GUESS, Inc., is a contemporary, fashion-forward collection designed for the stylish, trend-setting woman. MARCIANO follows suit in true GUESS style with apparel and accessories that are on the edge of the fashion forefront. The collection is daringly sexy, yet has highly sophisticated style that represents pure glamour in everyday fashion.
Proof that designer optical wear doesn’t need to be drab, or boring, or even expensive, Original Penguin eyewear bring fresh designs to modern optical technologies.
Our story says it all. Polaroid has been a trusted global brand for more than 75 years and is best known for pioneering instant photography since Edwin Land first conceived of the instant camera in 1943. We embrace the nostalgia inherent in our past, allowing us to embrace old technologies through new technologies and beyond.
Polo Ralph Lauren
Classic, sophisticated eyewear from the Ralph Lauren family. Contemporary design in eyeglasses and sunglasses from a global fashion leader.
Fashion-forward young women have chosen the Rampage brand to fill their wardrobes, keeping them looking sexy while remaining price-conscious. Rampage successfully straddles the line between both work-appropriate and nightclub-ready apparel.
Ray Ban
From the vintage classics to the present-day trendy frames, Ray Ban has always been durable, comfortable and attractive.   From celebrities to your friends, Ray Ban is always a favorite.
Romeo Gigli
This Italian eyewear brand has a singular objective: to create a timeless vision of modern dress, while maintaining strong ethics and style. Romeo Gigli sunglasses feature unique hinges, exciting colors, and captivating designs.  
Founded in 1978, Versace holds the ultimate status in style.  The Versace name is World famous, and centered on the idea of a world of fashion, glamour and sexiness.  Versace eyewear is striking and designed to combine technical innovation with stylish design.  The frames are distinctive and like many of Versace’s accessories, often feature details taken from the graphic language of the house.
Vivian Morgan
Vivian Morgan eyewear features classic shapes that play with patterns and colors. Affordable, stylish, and built to last, Vivian Morgan creates eyeglass frames to today’s modern woman.
Stand out with the unique variety of frames from Vogue Eyewear, turning everyday glasses into a fashion statement with variety of colours, unique details, and sizes and shapes that will stand out.
Zac Posen
Founded in a single-room studio in 2002, Zac Posen has grown into a worldwide fashion brand known for artfully crafted designs. Their sunglasses use acetate and metal to create durable, iconic frames that stand the test of time.