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Founded In 1964, Allred Family Eye Care Optometry Has Been Caring For Fullerton’s Eyes For Nearly 55 Years

Our history begins with our founding by Dr. Douglas L. Chase in 1964. Dr. Chase’s practice grew and flourished and added Dr. Robert T. Rice as a partner in 1984; we then became known as “Drs. Chase & Rice Optometry”. In 2000, Dr. Allred joined our practice and we became “Drs. Rice & Allred Family Optometry”. Today, as Allred Family Eye Care Optometry, we we have grown and matured as a practice. But we have always remained focused on one thing: providing the best possible personalized eye care to our patients, their friends, and families. For over 50 years we have been in Fullerton. Thank you for being part of our family!

Preventative Family-First Eye Care

What does “Family-First” Eye Care mean to you? It means that you can…
… count on us to provide you clear, accurate information about your eyes.
… expect us to stay on top of our ever-changing field.
… come to us whenever you or your family needs an eye exam, a pair of glasses, or simply wants to come in and say “hi”.
… trust us to provide the best possible medical care available today.
How We Help
Our understanding of the eye has evolved dramatically over the last few decades. Today, we are better able to detect developing eye diseases, repair retinal trauma, and correct refractive errors than ever before. We strive to remain leaders in our field and continuously improve our skills and study new technologies and techniques as they become available. Our dedication to our profession is part of how we showcase our care for our patients: we will always work to provide the best eye care available today.

Pediatric Eye Care Specialists

Nearly 1 in 4 school-age children require corrective lenses. Did you know that kids should receive an annual eye exam?

Learn more about eye exams for kids.

Leaders in Vision Therapy

Dr. Allred is the Chief of Pediatric and Vision Therapy Services at Ketchum University. In cooperation with Ketchum University, we treat many eye disorders and visual problems using vision therapy. Learn more about how vision therapy can help you.

Ocular Disease & Low Vision Experts

Dr. Alves is residency trained in ocular diseases and low vision rehabilitation from the Long Beach VA Hospital. If you or a family member are struggling with an eye disease or are learning how to adjust to life with low vision or partial sight, we can help.

Diabetic retinopathy diagnosis & treatment

Glaucoma diagnosis & treatment

Macular Degeneration diagnosis & management

Meet Our Doctors

Experienced & Compassionate Medical Professionals

C. Troy Allred, OD

Amanda Alves, OD

Mathew Khamis, OD

C. Troy Allred, OD

Amanda Alves, OD
Mathew Khamis, OD

Meet Our Team






Niki, Office Manager

Karen, Front Office

Nayhely, Optician

Sarah, Optician
Julia, Optician


Our Services Provide Solutions

To Your Eye Care Needs 

Adult Eye Exam

Annual eye exams are a must for every family member. Allowing you to correct vision issues and catch serious conditions before they develop.

Contact Lense 

Need new contacts? Looking to switch from glasses? We’ll get you the right prescription and the right fit for vision and comfort.

Children's Eye Care

Did you know that 25% of school-age children need some level of vision correction? For a child going to school, having proper vision is a must.

Senior Eye Exam

As we age we need to be more aware of certain changes in our bodies: we can’t move as quickly as we used to, and we can’t see as well, either.

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