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Flashes & Floaters

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Concerned About Flashes or Floaters? Visit Us in Fullerton for a Comprehensive Eye Exam.

Almost everyone has seen or will see floaters at some point in their lives. These ubiquitous “squiggly lines in our eye fluid” (to quote a very famous animated baby) are a normal part of aging and generally not something to be concerned about.

However, like all things, a change in floater size or quantity warrants investigation from your friendly neighborhood Optometrist. While floaters are most often found to be benign, a sudden influx of new floaters can be a sign of a developing eye disease or condition that requires treatment.

Eye flashes – those brief specs of bright light that seem to come out of nowhere – Let us check to make sure there is no cause for concern. Like floaters, most cases of flashes are benign. However, unlike floaters, there isn’t a natural process for their development that justifies their appearance- there is always cause.

In other words, while we know floaters are caused as a result of changes to the vitreous humour, flashes are not caused by any “normal” process; flashes of light are caused by physical manipulation of the retina, such as when the vitreous “tugs” on the retina. This requires investigation.

Every new instance of flashers should be investigated by an Optometrist.

Float on Into our Fullerton Office for an Eye Exam

If you want to get your floaters checked out, come visit us for a comprehensive eye exam. During the eye exam we will check for…

Sometimes a developing eye disease will bombard your eye with floaters. This is almost always the result of the vitreous being manipulated, damaged, or broken up.

There are a lot of reasons that you may see a change in the way your aqueous humour inhabits your eye. We look for underlying causes that may have potential vision-threatening outcomes.

Flashers are often caused from trauma, such as a good knock to the head. When people say they’re “seeing stars”, they’re referring to the flashers that have appeared within their vision. A serious blow to the head, such as one sustained from a particularly-potent takedown on the field, can cause flashes.

Why Get an Eye Exam?

Any change in your vision should be investigated by an Optometrist. Many eye diseases develop asymptomatically, meaning that they can be slowly eating away at your vision without you even realizing it.

In most cases, vision that is lost cannot be restored. Preservation is the name of the game, highlighting the importance of preventative eye care and regular eye exams. Let us check to make sure there is no cause for concern.

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