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Ever since their introduction several decades ago, contact lenses have redefined the optical world and provided a convenient, discreet, and affordable corrective lens solution. They continue to be refined as new technologies make contact lenses comfortable and more capable than ever before.

At Allred Family Eye Care, we invest big in contact lenses. We have acquired state of the art imaging and measuring equipment to ensure we can obtain the most accurate measurements of your eye. Why? Because the better our measurements, the better fit and more comfortable the contact lens.

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In addition to standard contact lens types, we also offer specialty varieties including scleral, toric, and rigid gas permeable lenses. Request an appointment to meet with an Optometrist about your contact lens needs.

About Specialty Contact Lenses

A proper fit is essential for comfortable contact lens wear. Please schedule a contact lens fitting exam if your prescription needs updating.

While most Americans are suitable candidates for standard contact lenses, millions of Americans have eye shapes or certain disorders that prevent standard contact lenses from being an option.

Scleral Contact Lenses
If you’re interested in contact lenses but have traditionally not been a candidate, visit us to learn more about scleral contact lenses and how they can be suitable for you.
Scleral lenses are larger than traditional lenses and rest on the sclera (as opposed to the cornea). They are ideal for people that have irregular corneas, eye shapes that are hard to fit, or if you suffer from dry eye syndrome and cannot wear regular contact lenses as a result.

Toric Contact Lenses
Toric contact lenses have different focusing powers as you move around the lens. They are ideal for correcting astigmatism, as they can have multiple focusing powers on the lens.

During a contact lens fitting exam, we use specialized equipment that takes accurate measurements of the shape, size, and curvature of your eye. We also assess your eye health during the exam to ensure there are no complications that may inhibit contact adaptation.

If you’re new to contacts, we provide insertion/removal and storage instructions. We will walk you through this process so that you are comfortable inserting and removing the lenses on your own.

We typically prescribe a diagnostic trial pair of contact lenses to ensure we have found the right fit and prescription for you.

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