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Laser refractive eye surgery, most commonly referred to by its most popular version, LASIK, is a safe way to correct most types of refractive errors. By correcting the refractive error on the cornea, you will be able to enjoy clear vision without the need for contact lenses or eyeglasses.

We provide comprehensive pre and post-operative care, ensuring an improvement to your vision and healthy eyes thereafter.

Is Laser Eye Surgery Right For You?

Before any conversations about surgery or results, we must first assess your eyes to determine if you are a surgical candidate. During this examination we will discuss the surgery and what to expect.

If you are considering laser eye surgery, please request an appointment to meet with an Optometrist to discuss the procedure and assess your eyes.

Laser Surgery is a Great Choice!

Enjoy life without lenses

Suitable for most prescriptions

A safe, long term investment

Types of surgery

Side effects and recovery

Adapting to Life With Low Vision Can Be a Challenge. We’re Here to Help.

Providing Fullerton Comprehensive Low Vision Services.

For millions of Americans living with low vision, the change from strong visual acuity to low vision came with considerable challenge and difficulty. There’s no denying the difficulty someone faces when learning to live with reduced vision.

At Allred Family Eye Care, our focus is on helping you bridge the gap and make that transition while remaining independent and enjoying a good quality of life. We work with you to develop a strong support and adaptation mechanism, where visual aids and other complimentary pieces of equipment are used to facilitate a life with low vision.

Don’t Let Low Vision Slow You Down: Come See Us Today

Dr. Alves has received specialized training in ocular diseases and low vision rehabilitation. Working together, you and Dr. Alves will create a new routine that will foster your independence and improve your overall quality of life.

How We Help You Manage Low Vision

An eye exam is initially performed to inform us of your eye health and visual ability. This exam acts as a baseline and is used to guide your ongoing treatment.

Visual aids

Activity-centric magnification

Management of underlying disorders and eye diseases

What is low vision?

What causes low vision?

We Provide Contact Lenses for Nearly Any Application & Prescription.


Visit Us In Fullerton To Find The Right Contacts For You

Ever since their introduction several decades ago, contact lenses have redefined the optical world and provided a convenient, discreet, and affordable corrective lens solution. They continue to be refined as new technologies make contact lenses comfortable and more capable than ever before.

At Allred Family Eye Care, we invest big in contact lenses. We have acquired state of the art imaging and measuring equipment to ensure we can obtain the most accurate measurements of your eye. Why? Because the better our measurements, the better fit and more comfortable the contact lens.

Looking for a Specialized Contact Lens? Visit Us Today!

In addition to standard contact lens types, we also offer specialty varieties including scleral, toric, and rigid gas permeable lenses. Request an appointment to meet with an Optometrist about your contact lens needs.

Scleral or toric lenses

How contact lenses are fitted

About specialty contact lenses

Vision Therapy Has Helped Millions of People Perform & See Better. Let Us Help You.

Providing Fullerton Individualized Vision Therapy

Children and adults alike can benefit from the rehabilitative processes inherent within vision therapy. As a non-surgical method of eye alignment and teaming correction, vision therapy can provide tremendous improvements in visual acuity, strength, eye teaming, and eye alignment.

For athletes, vision therapy can improve hand/eye coordination, decrease reaction times, and enhance visual processing. We work with many athletes to help them achieve their best.

Vision therapy involves the use of specialized equipment, exercises, and one on one coaching with our Optometrist. Sessions are generally performed weekly or biweekly, with homework and at-home exercies being assigned to compliment the in-office sessions.

Schedule a Vision Therapy Consultation

If you or your child can benefit from vision therapy, please request an appointment to schedule a consultation. During the consultation we will assess your needs and provide more information about how vision therapy can help you.

How Vision Therapy Helps

A proper fit is essential for comfortable contact lens wear. Please schedule a contact lens fitting exam if your prescription needs updating.

Eye alignment problems

Eye teaming/pairing


Vision therapy for kids - helping kids look and see better

Stand alone, or as a compliment to surgery

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