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Conjunctivitis, or more commonly referred to as pink eye, is best described as the inflammation and irritation of the layer of tissue covering the eyeball and inside of the eyelids. This irritation may be caused by any one of several things, including but not limited to contact between the eye and a bacteria or virus, resulting in severe discomfort, most typically identified by watering of the eye, redness of the whites of the eye (pink eye), and itching of the eye and eyelid.

Although not limited to seasonal factors, conjunctivitis can be attributed to airborne allergens or other foreign materials that contact the eye, including chemical elements. Pink eye is not a serious health threat if diagnosed early and treated.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

Pink eye can be identified by the following symptoms, often arising unexpectedly and displaying obvious irregularities in your eye health:

Redness of the eye, most specifically in the inner eyelid or general white of the eye.
Excessive tears and moisture in the eye.
Ocular discharge, most commonly a yellowish crust that forms over the eyelashes following a period of sleep.
Burning or itchy eyes.
An increased sensitivity to light and extreme discomfort to bright exposure.

How to Treat Pink Eye Effectively

The following procedures are effective in eliminating conjunctivitis and recovering optimal eye health post-infection:

First and foremost, remove any obvious irritant and wash the eye immediately.
Prior to contact with the eye, thoroughly wash your hands and following ocular cleansing, refrain from touching the eye.
There are several off the shelf medications to treat conjunctivitis, including, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti allergy eye drops. Speak to your optometrist or medical professional about the best solution for your condition.
Thoroughly wash ALL items and body parts that have come in contact with the infected eye. This includes glasses, face towels, hands, and all medical applications.

Learn more about how we can help your pink eye. While Pink Eye may be a very contagious vision condition, it can best be avoided and contained through improved standards of cleanliness avoid spreading it.