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An eye emergency is any situation where your eyesight is at risk. If you are experiencing an emergency, such as a foreign body in the eye, chemical burn, or trauma to the eye, please call us immediately for assistance and next steps.

Our office is equipped with all the equipment necessary to diagnose your problem and provide appropriate treatment.

When Should You Seek Emergency Treatment?

An eye evaluation should take place after any kind of injury that has caused the eye trauma, chemical contamination, pathogen/infection, or if foreign bodies get stuck in the eye. If one of our doctors is not immediately available to provide assistance, we recommend visiting the nearest emergency room.

How To Handle An Eye Emergency

The information on this website is not a replacement for speaking with an Optometrist or medical doctor. When traveling to seek medical assistance, always protect the eye by covering the affected eye with an eye shield or eye patch (or a pair of eyeglasses/sunglasses).


We utilize state of the art equipment to quickly diagnose the problem and dispense treatment. For chemical burns, mechanical injuries, and other physical injuries, we can use our imaging equipment to assess the injury and inform our recommended treatments.

For pathogenic causes, such as pink eye, we will diagnose and treat the concern with medication as needed.

We are eye experts. Using our equipment we can diagnose and treat everything from an infection to physical trauma.

Immediately rinse the eye with clean contact lens solution or cool, clean water. Do this for at least 15 minutes, even if the eye feels better sooner. Seek medical assistance as soon as the rinse is complete.


Injuries that require access to hospital staff and surgeons should be directed to your closest emergency room. While our office can handle black eyes (and the like), open wounds or injuries that require immediate medical intervention are outside of our capabilities.

The sudden development of floating spots, flashes of light/specs of light, and a decrease in visible range (as if a curtain is covering part of your vision) are signs of a potential retinal tear or detachment. Seek immediate medical assistance.

Learn more about floaters/flashers here.

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